JilCat Proline Friction Reducers

JilCat Proline Fuel Injection and Combustion Chamber Cleaner - Independent Dealer Services
Designed to help unclog injectors. Quickly dissolves accumulated deposits to improve performance and helps to:  Clean the fuel tank, to the combustion chambers. Increase fuel economy. Restore power and reduce exhaust emissions. Smooth out rough idling. Clean intake parts and valves. Protect against rust and corrosion.  Increase power and acceleration.  ...
Coming Soon - JilCat Proline 4 Cycle Lube - Independent Dealer Services
Improves mileage and performance. This product contains no particulates and provides quicker starts in cold weather. It will not harm wet clutches and will not void a new bike warranty. This product helps to: Significantly reduce friction between moving parts. Increase gas mileage. Improve horsepower performance. Reduce oil consumption. Lower...
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